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Invitation: A View West | Photography Exhibit March 4

The ad Johnston Architects created for the exhibit opening.

This winter I was offered the opportunity to exhibit photographs of my travels throughout the American West. Now, after a couple months of selecting, editing, printing and framing, the show is coming to life.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone there:

Open Invitation: A View West
Featuring landscape photography by Jonna Bell

Opening: Friday, March 4 from 6 to 8 p.m.
Exhibit: February 25 through March 25
Johnston Architects, Seattle (map)

View Featured Images

The American West has long sparked our collective imagination. Its expansive landscapes take many forms, frequently succumbing to human presence but resisting occupation. It captivates our senses and defies our comprehension.

The following photographs offer viewpoints of a range of natural forms that endure – rolling prairie hills, a distant mountain range, a frenetic tide – and humble our repeated efforts to intervene. And yet, we persist in engaging. Fields are plowed to the shape of rolling loam, a season of speed waits for water to dissipate, a boardwalk leads to primitive hot springs, a fishing village becomes the backdrop for winter’s churn.

Despite our repeated efforts to negotiate with the land, it persists at setting its own terms… All the while tempting us with an infinite horizon.

In preparing, my respect for those who exhibit regularly has grown significantly. Special thank yous for my exhibit go to:

Mom “Cat” Bell
Anna Bell
Jody Jahn
Richard Beall
David Blair
Stan Laegreid
Sean Watson
Brian Greller
Min Cho
Wyn Bielaska

Know: Blue, Blue Moon

Blue Moon

Once in a blue moon: This year on New Year's Eve, December 31 makes a rare date with the mistress of the night sky.

As you’re well aware, the Vas-y Fille blog (though still in her early years) was created to incite and ponder exploration and the stories behind the scene. They’re a little nudge to look around, down, behind and certainly up. Which brings us to the perfect topic of this post. Though certainly not adventurous (out the door is as far as you’ll need to go), I promise you’ll find it fraught with rocks, biting cold temperatures, stunning high altitude views and ages upon ages of lore, science and mystic measures. And it’s even interactive!

Our topic: The Blue Moon.

This December 31 New Year’s Eve will be celebrated under what is popularly referred to as a Blue Moon. Quickly – what is a Blue Moon besides an Elvis musing or a brewing company in Golden, Colorado? Popular opinion refers to it as the time when a full moon appears twice in a calendar month; the second appearance is called a Blue Moon. It happens every 2.5 years on average but it’s even more rare that it falls on New Year’s Eve – the last was in 1990 and the next will be in 2028. The occurence has been widely publicized over the past few days but the best comes from NASA (I’ve inserted a link to it below).

Feel free to save that read for later. For now whether in or out at some point in the night on the 31st make sure you find the moon and smile. Right now the Vas-y Fille blog community is rather small and I know a fair number of us are denizens of the moonlight, blue or not, so this is also a little herald to each of you. Happy New Year and vas-y.

Read the NASA Release by Dr. Tony Philips

With any story of lore, there are a few naysayers and discrepancies. Sky & Telescope Magazine reviews the origins of the phrase Blue Moon (it’s not old, it was started in the late 1930’s) and whether it’s month or season-based.


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