Know: Envirofit: Clean-Burning Cooking Stoves

2009-05-04_09-52-17I love the use of simple, straightforward technology cheaply executed to make the daily acts of people’s lives better. I came across a perfect example posted today on FastCompany’s Web site: Envirofit’s $25 Clean-Burning Cooking Stove is Ready for the Developing World.

“Envirofit International is already known for its clean-burning cooking stoves…Over the next five years, these stoves could reduce CO2 emissions by over 400,000 tons and prevent over 85,000 kg of black carbon from entering the atmosphere, all while generating savings of $18 million…the Colorado company has unveiled the next generation of its stove: the G-Series, a cheaper, more durable model suitable for poor families in the developing world.

Previous Envirofit stoves have been constructed from ceramic, but the new G-Series stove is made out of metal–a stronger material that is cheaper to produce. All of the company’s single-pot stoves use wood, coal, and crop waste–the same materials used in traditional stoves–but Envirofit has developed a combustion chamber that uses up to 60% less fuel than other stoves and slashes toxic emissions by up to 80%.

…The stoves also pay for themselves within six months thanks to fuel cost savings, and drastically reduce toxic indoor air pollution. That alone is a big deal–indoor air pollution kills 1.6 million people each year.”

It may seem materialistic of me, given the nature of this post but, I also appreciate the fact that the stoves are quite aesthetically appealing as well! has more information on Envirofit International and their stove products. They also engineer a cleaner, more fuel efficient Direct In-cylindar (DI) fuel injection retrofit kit for two-stroke engines.

Follow them on Twitter: @EnvirofitOrg.

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